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Phuket truly has a wide range of activity, scuba diving is the most popular sport for tourist from all over the world as it is a tropical island which has all sorts of possibilities. Whether it’s snorkeling, mini-golf or cable waterskiing, Thai Boxing, you are sure to find an activity according to your taste. If not, there’s always sunbathing.

Scuba Diving in Phuket and liveaboards in Thailand, the Andaman Sea offers dive sites considered to be among the top ten scuba destinations in the world. It boasts crystal clear water, spectacular reefs and rock formations, plus a colourful selection of marine life. One of the most popular liveaboard boats is MV Deep Andaman Queen which operates Similan islands and Burma Bank in Burma.

Snorkelling - The tropical waters of the Andaman Sea are ideal for snorkelling - clear, calm, balmy and bursting with brilliant marine life. Snorkelling can be done year-round in Phuket, but the best time of year is November-April. At some beaches it is possible to rent snorkelling gear for the day, and many shops around the island sell a range of masks, snorkels and fins.

Phuket Golf Courses -For golfers of every standard, Phuket is probably the sweetest spot of all for hitting a golf ball. While other destinations in Thailand are also home to good courses, only in Phuket is it possible to enjoy first-rate golf, plus sun-drenched beaches and coral-reef diving, all close to fine cuisine and a varied nightlife.

Spa & Massage have evolved into a concept focusing on the spiritual and natural, drawing from traditions of meditation, respect for nature and the desire to achieve physical and mental well being, the key to maintaining health and beauty. Phuket's spa scene will surely meet your need for relaxation.

One of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand is the martial art of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. Exciting enough on TV - the furious punches, crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks and artful feints are even more riveting when seen live. Phuket has a lot of training camps open to all ages and genders. The training program caters for those who simply desire to improve their health and boxing skills.




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