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    Phuket or Phuket Island is located on the west coast of the Andaman, part of the Indian Ocean. Phuket is one of most important travel destination of Thailand. It has natural beauty surrounded by the beach and mountains. Features like a powder white sandy beach and the beautiful blue waters known as "Pearl" of the Andaman Sea. 

    Phuket Province has an area of 576 square kilometers or 222 square miles, somewhat less than that of Singapore, However, it is the largest island of Thailand, length of the island from north to south about 48.7 km and the widest measurement from east to west and approximately 21.3 kilometers. Island surrounded by the Andaman Sea with over 30 of large and small islands in its territory. It formerly derived its wealth from tin  and rubber, and enjoys a rich and colorful history. The island was on one of the major trading routes between India and China, and was frequently mentioned in foreign ship logs of Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English traders. The region now derives much of its income from tourism.


    The relatively recent name "Phuket" The word "Phuket" had been distorted from the Malayan "BuGit" which means mountain and the original use of the word "Phukej" as this is what the island appears like from a distance. An alternative suggestion is that the name originates from two Thai words, "PHU" means mountain and "KET" means Jewel, and this is said to be recorded in a Thai chronicle.


    Phuket is a long historic city. In the past, formerly part of the Kingdom of Pornlink. Until Sukhothai age, it became a part of Takuapa town. The island had a reputation as a land of rich tin mines because the tin is the most in the country. The prospect of long-excavated over the past 500 years, the city was a small town at Thalang with Thai nobleman stayed and protected interests from trading with foreigner. In addition to mining, the rubber plantations, coconut orchards and fishery were found commonly in the island. 

    Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. This old town used to be the important port on the west of the Malay Peninsula where Chinese immigrants first landed. Phuket used to be ruled by both Portugal and Holland. The old buildings in Phuket town certainly represent its former prosperity. These old buildings were constructed when mining was an important Phuket industry. The architectural style, called "Sino-Portuguese", is European mixed with Chinese modern. Characteristic is a single or two-storey building with a narrow front compensated for by considerable depth. The tiles, doors, perforated windows and other details are all influenced by Chinese and European styles mixed together.

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