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Nightlife in Phuket

Patong the Most Popular Nightlife in Phuket

Patong area is the undisputed nightlife centre of Phuket, from nine at night onwards nightly the town is buzzing and doesn’t stop and longer depending where you visit.

Bangla Road is in Patong centre, you will find the biggest clubs, fruitiest shows or the craziest ‘bar beers’. Stroll along Bangla Road at round midnight and you’ll wonder if you’re an extra in a phantasmagorical movie or not. Anything goes along Bangla and that includes boys that love girls who love girls who are boys, ping pong shows without a table-tennis paddle, clubs with pounding beats. Taken with a sense of humour it’s a barrel of laughs. However, other areas as Rat-U-Thit Road and Beach Road have lively night venues with good bands as well.

Night Clubs in Soi Bangla and Beach Road

The biggest clubbing names in Patong are Famous, Seduction, The Factory and Beach Road’s Banana. Big-name DJs occasionally drop by such as David Morales, DJ Bert Bevans, Judge Jools and Thailand’s very own Nakadia to rock these places but at the end of the day (literally) many clubs in Patong are glorified pickup joints.

Live Music is also in the center of Patong with Rock City hosting heavy metal tribute bands, Tai Pan, cover bands and Margarita’s mixing sports coverage with live music. In Phuket Town the places to head to are Rockin’ Angels and Timber Hut – both along Yaowarat Road. You’re not going to come across innovative live music in Phuket but there are some hot acts out there.4

Simon Cabaret, on Sirirat Road, Patong - If you’re looking into sequins, heavy makeup boys who look more like girls than girls do, Simon Cabaret is the place for you. A Phuket institution, it started out in a single shop-house and has grown exponentially over the years into its present day form as a transvestite/transgender extravaganza.

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai - is the most intensive body contact sport in the world. Patong has two Thai boxing venues, one in Soi Sai Namyen which has shows every Monday and Thursday and the other one at Bangla Boxing Stadium behind Jung Ceylon which features fights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Gay Phuket, Patong Beach - The streets leading to Royal Paradise Phuket are almost all taken over by gay bars, restaurants, and massage parlors. Some of the leading gay bars are Kar and Dempsey’s (this one has A-Go-Go Show), The Flying Handbag, Boat Bar.

Siam Niramit, Phuket Town -is a tastefully done cultural extravaganza that adds variety and vitality to the island’s entertainment scene. Perfectly located just off the By-Pass Road in the outskirts of Phuket Town, it is set in prime lakeside land. The show features songs, dance routines and traditional martial arts.

Kamala beach

Phuket FantaSea in Kamala, an intoxicating blend of legend, myth, imagination and pure show business with a twist of history thrown in to make the final result even spicier, Phuket FantaSea is a heady brew that fascinates visitors to Phuket. FantaSea is also a theme park and has one of the largest buffets in Asia.

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